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This bath is designed to open your heart to love. A small amount of rose oil is used for this bath, but you can also add rose water instead.


pure rose oil
1/2 cup dried rose petals
Fresh pink or red rose petals
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup raw honey
1/2 cup coconut milk
Pink or red candles
Rose Quartz or Pink Tourmaline Crystal(s)
Rose, Jasmine or other high quality sweet scented incense

play Soft meditation music and wear bath rob/sari 

Take a shower and dry off. Wrap yourself  in a sensuous robe or sari 

Brew 1 gallon of rose petal tea (as instructed above) and let sit while you go to tend to the bath

Clear space energetically in the bathroom by ringing a bell and lighting palo santo, sage or other clearing herbs.

Chant Tripura Sundari Mantra or any other mantra that resonates while doing this. 

Light candles

Begin drawing your warm bath water, continuing to chant or sing. Add the coconut oil, honey and milk under the warm running water. 

Add rose tea

Add rose oil

Once full, turn off water and gently place crystals in the water and/or along side the bath and sprinkle fresh rose petals in the water. 

Light incense and offer it to the water by waving it over and stating your intention for the bath either aloud or silently. Offer prayers of gratitude and intention into the water (as you do with your sacred water medicine you create for yourself to drink)

Slip into the water and take in all of the fragrances. Allow them to permeate your entire being. Envision the roses circulating within your blood stream, filling your heart with a rose gold light of love and permeating out, encompassing your entire being and aura. Continue to visualize this until you are completely filled with the essence of the sweetness of the bath and its fragrances. 

Place one of the crystals over your heart, sing chant, laugh, indulge in the beauty of love you have invited in. 

When you feel complete, give thanks to the Divine Mother, to the water, to the plants and step out, scoop the roses and place them in a beautiful bowl beside the tub (later to offer back to nature)

Anoint yourself with oil and go into dreamtime with an intention to dream of visions of divine love. 

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