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About Us

Welcome to


We're a small fruit farm & apothecary in Fairburn GA specializing in farm grown  & handcrafted teas, culinary herbs, bulk herbs, herbal remedies, and body care products.

New Vines from Strong Roots

The spiritual herbalism and farming we practice develops a long standing relationship with each plant. Since we grow most of the plant matter that goes into our products, each item is nurtured from seed to product. Herbal products have become widely available at health food stores, so you may be wondering why one would participate in Kemunity Supported Herbalism.

What is S.M.A.I Farmacy Apothecary?

​S.M.A.I: Sekhmet Medicine Awakens Imhotep

SMAI FARMACY & APOTHECARY- seeks to provide our customers with  fresher, healthier food—herbs, vegetables and fruits—Also,Organic supplements, and personal care products needed to maintain a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. We are committed to providing the highest possible service to all our customers in a spirit of friendliness and fairness, as well as to create a pleasant, community-oriented environment. Ase'

Biodegradable Green Vials

Your Independent Pharmacist Cares for YOU and our PLANET!

Our vials contain an organic additive that allows the container to biodegrade 50% in 1 1/2 years in a bio kinetic environment.