Backyard Apothecary: Nurturing Your Herbal Healing Garden for Wellness×
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Garden Consultation

Welcome to our Garden Consultation Services

Dedicated to crafting personalized garden experiences.

Are You New to Gardening?

Aspiring gardeners often face challenges:

  • Lack of knowledge about suitable plants for their space
  • Difficulty in planning and designing a functional garden
  • Confusion regarding proper care and maintenance
Our Consultation Service offers tailored solutions:
  1. Personalized guidance on plant selection and placement
  2. Customized garden design planning with expert insights
  3. Comprehensive advice on garden care and maintenance

Initial Consultation:

One Hour Long Introductory ZOOM Meeting with the Client Price: $100
Our consultations are the first step towards creating your dream garden.
Our Customized Garden Packages

Choose from our specialized garden packages, tailored to your desires:

Fruit and Vegetable Garden

Step into the world of abundance with our Fruit and Vegetable Garden package, meticulously crafted for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Elevate your surroundings with nature's bounty as you embrace the joy of homegrown produce. Our tailored designs cater to your unique preferences, ensuring a harmonious blend of functionality and beauty. From lush greens to vibrant hues, envision a garden that resonates with your taste and lifestyle. Our seasoned experts bring your vision to life, offering not just design but seamless installation. Experience the satisfaction of cultivating your own fresh produce, right in the comfort of your home or amid the splendor of your outdoor oasis. Unveil the possibilities, savor the flavors, and let us transform your space into a flourishing haven.

Customized for indoor or outdoor spaces.

Design and installation available.

Medicinal/Culinary Herb Garden

\Indulge in the essence of wellness and culinary delight with our Medicinal/Culinary Herb Garden, an impeccable fusion tailored for both indoor sanctuaries and outdoor havens. Immerse yourself in the aromatic symphony of nature's healing and flavorful treasures. Crafted to thrive in any setting, this garden becomes your personal sanctuary, a source of nourishment and vitality. Whether adorning your kitchen windowsill or transforming your outdoor space into an herbal haven, our designs cater to your preferences, ensuring every herb finds its perfect place. From soothing chamomile to aromatic basil, envision a garden that aligns with your wellness aspirations and culinary adventures. Our experts don't just design; they curate an experience, ensuring the seamless installation that brings your herbal haven to life. Embrace the power of herbs, elevate your wellness rituals, and let us guide you toward a space that nurtures health and tantalizes the taste buds. Perfect for indoor or outdoor settings. Tailored design and installation.

Full-Scale Farm/Orchard/Food Forest

Embark on a journey of sustainable abundance with our Full-Scale Farm/Orchard/Food Forest package, a symphony of nature's bounty meticulously curated for your space. Whether you envision a sprawling orchard, a thriving food forest, or a flourishing farm, our expertise brings forth a vision that transcends conventional gardening. Utilizing cutting-edge organic permaculture techniques, we craft a sustainable ecosystem tailored to your needs. From vertical gardens that maximize space to aeroponic and hydroponic setups that redefine cultivation, explore innovative options that harmonize with nature's rhythm. Immerse yourself in the possibilities as we design an ecosystem that thrives organically, yielding a cornucopia of flavors and sustainability. Our solutions don't just stop at design; we bring forth a blueprint that seamlessly integrates into your space, promising a future where every harvest is a testament to the marriage of innovation and nature's wisdom. Transform your landscape into a thriving oasis, embracing the richness of sustainable farming while honoring the environment.

Utilizing advanced organic permaculture techniques.

Options include vertical, aeroponic, hydroponic setups.

Our packages are designed by experts with 25 years of experience working with top urban farms and organizations & Landscaping in Georgia.

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