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What’s going on with me? Ready for baby

What’s going on with me? Ready for baby



Western Medicine defines infertility as a condition of the male or female reproductive system characterized by the inability to achieve pregnancy after one year. The causes are different depending on one’s gender. For men, it is most often due to low sperm or testosterone count and only gets worse with age. Endometriosis, uterine fibroids, and thyroid disease are the most common factors for women. Traditional Chinese Medicine has identified three common patterns of disharmony regarding the cause of infertility. 1) Yang Deficiency which describes an empty cold condition that can cause underactive organ function. Qi and blood are likely to be stagnant with this pattern. 2) Kidney Yang Deficiency causes internal cold and weakness indicating that the “fire of the gate of life” (located between the kidneys) supplying fundamental warmth is severely impaired. 3) Kidney essence deficiency; although sometimes manifesting as a kidney yang deficiency, it primarily shows as a yin deficiency. The manifestation often relates to growth, development, reproduction, bones, marrow, brain, teeth, and hair.