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Hapi Yoni Steam Blend

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The herbs used in after birth v-steams are a blend of herbs that have various healing qualities known to support feminine health! All herbs used for vaginal steaming are chosen for their aromatics. It is the volatile oil along with the steam itself that is carried up into the vaginal tissues to do its work.

Our top 3 herbs for v-steams

Oregano: Used for its antiseptic, stimulating and strengthening qualities
Basil: Increases blood circulation, anti-biotic properties, relieves headaches
Marigold Petals: Uterine and hormonal tonic (note* for the vaginal steam purposes you want the aromatic variety of marigold, not calendula)

Other great herbs for v-steams

Rosemary: Increases blood circulation to the reproductive organs, anti septic
Motherwort: Traditionally used specifically for fibroids and polyps
Lavender: Nourishes and relaxes the nervous system. It serves as an antispasmodic and antiseptic the perennial tissues
Mugwort: Traditional Korean/Chines her used for blood circulation and to awaken the Qi
Rose Petals: Gentle astringent to the tissue, fragrant
Plantain Leaf: Astringent, gentle antifungal, repairs internal tissues/organs, antiinflammatory
Chamomile: Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, + anti-spasmodic
Thyme: Is typically warm, anti fungal, + antioxidant
Yarrow: Uterine tonic, pelvic circulatory, anti spasmodic

Benefits of V-steams After Childbirth

• Helps softens and melts blood clots in the lochia for easy passing
• Reduces uterus swelling
• Reduces excessive vaginal discharge
• Eliminates foul odor
• Enhances the healing of tears and cuts in the vaginal area
• Helps tighten the pelvic floor muscles
• Reduces the possibility of vaginal infection and itchiness
• Helps cleanse and deodorize vaginal area (the vagina is great at self cleaning, when we say that it helps cleanse we mean that it supports the overall system giving it strength to do its job well!)

What about after a cesarean?

A mother should wait at least 6-8 weeks after a cesarean to have a vaginal steam. This is because it is generally risky to introduce that amount of heat to an area that had a recent incision and is healing in a different way. A mother who has had a cesarean birth can still benefit from a vaginal steam, she will just have to wait a bit longer to reap the benefits. For both the mothers and the mother roasters safety the postpartum mother may want to get the go ahead from her care provider before receiving the steam.


Do not use essential oils in the Vsteam because they may burn the delicate tissues of the perineum area.
Do not steam the perineum area if:
If there is hemorrhage
If there are open wounds, such as a tear, or stitches as this could cause pain and swelling
If the woman has an IUD
If there is the existence of a fever, uterine infection, vaginal sores or blisters

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Hapi Yoni Steam Blend

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