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Body Butter 4oz

Body Butter 4oz

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For Sensitive, Dry Skin, Hair ORGANIC Calendula petals, Copaiba, frankincense, lavendula, Rosemarius , raw organic shea butter Cocoa butter, Argan oil, Hemp seed oil Castor oil Healing properties: acne,blemishes, makeup removal, sensitive skin, Eczema, Dermatitis, skin rashes/diaper rashes, hair loss, burns, wounds, dandruff and lice, discoloration, dry skin/hair, scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, sunburn, frost bite, skin infections, muscle fatigue/muscle aches/muscle tension, AND MORE!
ringworm, skin infections, razor bumps.

How to use: Use daily to cleanse the skin and hair. 

  • Creamy body butter 
  1. Lavender- The calming and relaxing aroma of Lavender essential oil is often considered the root of modern aromatherapy and the past century has provided a significant amount of evidence to support it. Whether applied topically or used aromatically, numerous human clinical trials have validated the ability of Lavender’s aroma to improve mood, reduce feelings of anxiousness and stress, and create a restful environment.
  2. Copaiba- As the essential oil with the highest known concentration of beta-caryophyllene, Copaiba’s spectrum of benefits is almost endless. While it is primarily known for being powerfully antioxidant, supporting the immune and respiratory systems when used internally, and being great for the skin topically, the rich concentration of beta-caryophyllene also imparts an uplifting aroma that research suggests may be beneficial to those attempting to abstain from unhealthy habits.*
  3. Spearmint- The dominant volatile aromatic compound in the chemical composition of Spearmint essential oil is the monoterpene ketone, carvone. Along with having numerous benefits when applied topically (specifically, cleansing properties), human clinical research has shown that essential oils high in carvone (Spearmint and Dill) have an uplifting and arousing aroma that are particularly beneficial for those with active lifestyles.
  4. Magnolia- Magnolia has one of the highest concentrations of the monoterpene alcohol, linalool. Along with its many benefits when applied topically, essential oils rich in linalool have been shown in experimental research to promote a calm environment and feelings of relaxation.
  5. Rosemary- Rosemary has a unique chemical composition, including significant concentrations of 1,8-cineole, camphor, and alpha-pinene. The combination of these three monoterpenes creates a distinct aroma that has been shown in clinical research to increase feelings of alertness and focus, and reduce feelings of stress.
  6. Neroli- Neroli is unique in that it has many of the mood-modulating characteristics of essential oils rich in linalool and linalyl acetate, but being derived from a citrus tree (Citrus aurantium), it also has significant concentrations of limonene. A breadth of clinical research validates the ability of Neroli essential oil to provide calming feelings when experienced aromatically.
  7. Sweetgum- Liquidambar, more commonly referred to as “sweetgum”, produces a resinous sap (liquid amber) that can be steam distilled to produce an essential oil with a wide spectrum of benefitsThe resulting substance is a unique combination of volatile aromatic compounds that are not commonly found in other essential oils, and emit a unique aroma with pine, floral, and spicy notes. While it is primarily known for its benefits when applied topically, sweetgum essential oil is also commonly used to promote a calm and restful environment.



Organic Free of parabens, sulfates, petroleum products, and GMO’s

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
aFor educational purposes only.

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Body Butter 4oz


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