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Palo Palo Santo Sticks Bulk Set from Peru Premium Grade

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Product Details

  • Authentic Palo Santo Sticks: Our Ancient Veda palo santo smudging sticks are sourced directly from Peru and are 100% authentic. They are perfect for smudging, meditation, cleansing, and yoga, providing a calming and soothing experience. Enjoy the natural aroma of these high-quality sticks, designed to create a serene and peaceful environment.
  • Premium Quality: We pride ourselves on the high quality of our palo santo wood incense sticks. Each incienso te de palo santo stick is carefully selected to ensure it delivers the distinct, pungent fragrance that Palo Santo is known for. Our sticks are not dipped in oil, ensuring a pure and natural scent.
  • Easy to Use: Our te de palo santo Sticks are designed for easy use. Simply light the end of the stick, let it smolder, and enjoy the calming, soothing aroma. They are the perfect addition to any meditation or yoga routine, helping to create a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Perfect for Smudging and Cleansing: Te de palo santo sticks bulk is traditionally used for smudging and cleansing rituals. Our sticks are perfect for these practices, helping to clear negative energy and bring peace and tranquility to your space. Use our te de palo santo Santo Sticks to enhance your spiritual practices and create a positive environment.
  • Sustainable and Ethical: We are committed to providing products that are both high quality and ethical. Our Ancient Veda palo santo smudge sticks are sustainably sourced from Peru, ensuring that we are supporting the local communities and not contributing to deforestation. Enjoy the calming aroma of palo santo set holy wood, knowing that you are making an ethical choice.
  • FAMILY OWNED AND OPERATED: Purchase with confidence from a supplier you can trust! Our family has been in business since 1993, and 30 years later we continue to proudly offer only the best in incense products.

Product Description

Palo Santo by Soul Sticks

What is Palo Santo?

Palo Santo wood comes from the Bursera Graveolens tree, native to the forests of Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. For centuries, this holy wood has been burned as an energy cleanser. The ritualistic burning (or smudging) of Palo Santo wood comes from the Incan belief that the smoke produced by Palo Santo has medicinal properties. As with the Native American practice of smudging with sage, South American shamans believed burning Palo Santo had similar properties capable of resetting energy that was tainted by negativity or conflict. It is thought to neutralize disputes before they ever start.

Sustainably and Ethically Sourced

As with any natural resource, Palo Santo is susceptible to exploitation, and the forests in which these sacred trees grow are especially prone to deforestation. Our supplier (pictured right) harvests Palo Santo from fallen trees an branches ONLY, to preserve the land and better ensure the survival of Peru's endemic flora and fauna.

Directions for Use

Use a candle, match or lighter to ignite one stick of Palo Santo. Hold at about a 45 degree angle pointing the tip down toward the flame. Allow it to burn for about 30 secs to 1 minute and then blow out the flame. Move about your workspace, home, car, bathroom or anywhere you would like to clear the energy. Once finished, use a Palo Santo holder (abalone shell or ashtray) to rest the smoldering Palo Santo stick in a safe place while continuing to allowing the smoke to cleanse your space.

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Ancient Veda Brands

At Ancient Veda, we seek to channel the rich heritage of Eastern and Western indigenous traditions through our humble American company. Working closely with farmers and suppliers, we source all materials for our products sustainably and responsibly down to the very last detail. Our growing family of spirituality lifestyle and home fragrance brands include Dhupa, Soul Sticks, and Good Earth Scents.

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Palo Palo Santo Sticks Bulk Set from Peru Premium Grade

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